A Community-Driven Fundraising Platform For Builders, By Builders

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Starship, a community-driven fundraising platform designed to empower long-term builders. Starship will operate as an integral part of the Ninety Eight ecosystem, providing builders with the professional platform, consulting, exclusive exposure they need to bring their ambitious ventures to life.

Empower builders to garner substantial financial support at multiple stages

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of Web3, builders face a myriad of challenges, one of which is the daunting task of securing funding. The existing fundraising platform, with its emphasis on public token sales, often fails to cater to the diverse needs of builders at different stages of their startups, potentially stifling promising endeavors.

Starship breaks away from the traditional fundraising model, offering a flexible and tailored approach that supports builders at every stage of their project's development. Whether it's pre-public funding to fuel initial development, public token sales to broaden community participation, or post-launch funding to support growth and expansion, Starship provides the resources builders need to succeed at every milestone.

Carving Our Niche: Premier and Community-Driven Fundraising Platform

Despite the emergence of numerous funding platforms, there remains a significant gap in the market for supporting high-quality teams with strong backing and ambitious branding goals. These projects, often overlooked or underserved by current channels, possess the potential to revolutionize the Web3 landscape but lack the necessary capital to fuel their growth.

Starship aims to bridge this gap by providing a dedicated platform for these high-potential projects. Through its rigorous evaluation process and access to a network of seasoned investors, Starship empowers these startups to secure the funding they need to achieve their full potential. Along with that, by establishing a presence on multiple blockchains, we are widening the reach of high-quality startups and empowering individuals to actively participate in the crypto ecosystem. Our overarching goal is to democratize crypto investment, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to partake in the future of finance.

Built by Builders, for Builders

As builders ourselves, we have experienced firsthand the challenges of our development journey. This shared experience has fueled our determination to create Starship, a community-driven fundraising platform designed specifically for builders, by builders.

Navigating the journey from zero to one must be challenging, we are here to expedite and simplify this process for founding teams. Our key offering is a fundraising toolkit, pivotal for securing investments from elite venture capital firms and a community of early backers and firm believers. Project teams can tap into our broad crypto exchange network for increased exposure in the dynamic Web3 environment. Our curated partner network facilitates timely collaborations, fostering project-enhancing synergies. Beyond funding and partnerships, we provide guidance to align products with target audience needs and employ effective go-to-market strategies for substantial user acquisition, positioning the business as one of the Web3 industry leaders.

In addition to Starship's dedicated core team, we introduce the Starship Alliance - a vibrant network consisting of investors, exchanges, distribution resources, marketing supporters, and esteemed advisors. United by a common goal, this alliance works in synergy to provide projects with the essential guidance and support, fostering sustainable growth within the dynamic landscape of the crypto industry.

Elevating C98 Utility: Unlocking New Opportunities

Ninety Eight harbors an unwavering vision of leading the way toward a brighter future for all. With Coin98 Super Wallet as our heartbeat, C98 as our lifeblood, and the addition of Starship as our catalyst, we are poised to serve as the genesis of grand visions, empowering true builders to realize their dreams and contribute to the growth and mass adoption of Web3.

Significantly, with Starship and C98, new opportunities emerge for investments and participation in high-quality teams.

Each building block arrives to complete the entire Ninety Eight ecosystem for the sole sake of bringing a seamless and inclusive experience to users once creating a positive feedback loop to solidify our commitment and capture more value for C98 holders.

We are thrilled to announce that significant announcements are forthcoming. Stay tuned for exciting updates that will further expand the Ninety Eight ecosystem and shape the future of Web3.

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