How to claim tokens

After buying launchpad tokens, you need to claim the tokens via Vault to complete the purchasing. In most cases, you will need wait for TGE to claim tokens depending on each project's schedule.

Step 1: Visit Starship website at and choose the Launchpad you have joined to buy tokens.

Step 2: On the Launchpad detail page, click on Check Vault to Claim. It will direct you to the Vault page.

When the Claim date starts, you'll see Check Vault to Claim on the left side of the page.

Step 3: On Vault screen, choose the wallet address that your registered OneID is linked to

Step 4: Find the Vault of the launchpad token and click on the Claim icon to claim the tokens

Check out How to use Vault to know how it works.

Note: You need to prepare native tokens to pay the gas fee (except for Viction which is Zero Gas)

If you want to claim Vault via Coin98 Super Wallet mobile app, please refer to this guidance:

You can learn about How to use Coin98 Vault on Coin98 Super App and follow the steps in the document.

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