How to Login by OneID


  • Have at least 1 KYC-ed OneID

  • OneID should be linked to your wallet to receive the tokens after purchasing

Step 1: Visit Starship website at

Step 2: Click on Login OneID on the top right corner.

Step 3: On the Select Wallets To Use pop-up, select the wallet(s) which contains(s) your OneID(s) that you want to use to login on Starship. Here you can choose multiple wallets.

This step will approve Starship to access OneID(s) in your wallet(s).

Step 4: Click Confirm to continue

Step 5: Select a wallet and choose a KYC-ed OneID to login

If you select the OneID that has not been KYC-ed yet, a window will pop-up to recommend you do KYC in order to participating in community sales. Click KYC Now to start KYC. Or choose Close for another time.

Refer to this document How to perform KYC with OneID to complete the KYC process.

After choosing a KYC-ed OneID, you will be successfully logged in by OneID.

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