What is Guaranteed?

The Guaranteed lets you secure tokens at a fixed price before the crowds arrive. Securing your front-row seat at a project's token sale guarantees early access and potentially substantial long-term rewards. The specific token scheme will follow each projectโ€™s decision.

For example, in launchpad A, the Guaranteed is for Starship NFT holders. This means that Starship NFT holders can register and buy launchpad tokens. Participants holding a Starship NFT will be entitled to a guaranteed slot in the specific launchpad. The more NFTs you hold, the more allocations you will get.

Make sure to select the launchpad with the Guaranteed type on the Starship website and connect a wallet that meets the conditions to join this round.

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What is FCFS?

A predetermined number of tokens are allocated for the sale and are offered at a fixed price. Allocation priority is solely based on the order of your participation until it reaches the fundraising goal. Allocation for the FCFS round will be determined by each project

For example, in Launchpad A, the FCFS (First Come First Served) is designated for participants with KYC-verified OneID. This means that anyone with a KYC-verified OneID is eligible to join this round.

What is Lottery Sale?

With each ticket, you have an equal shot at securing a token allocation, creating a transparent and inclusive environment where anyone can potentially have a chance to invest in good projects.

What is Subscription Sale?

In this format, you can contribute a certain amount of token, such as C98 or VIC, to a token sale, with the allocation of the new token based on the proportion of your C98 contributions to the total C98 contributions made by all participating users.

What is Whitelist round?

The whitelist round is reserved for the participants who are included in the launchpad whitelist.

The whitelist is determined by Starship through various events, by the project owner, or by other partners and will be announced before each launchpad.

What is the maximum number of allocations per user?

There is no limit to the number of allocations per user.

The more NFTs you hold, the more allocations you will get. Besides, your OneID can also register for additional allocation from either the FCFS round or WL round.


  • For FCFS and WL rounds, each OneID can get a maximum 1 allocation. If you have more than 1 eligible KYC-ed OneID, you can switch to another one to register.

  • Learn more about How allocation is calculated below

How allocation is calculated?

Depending on each round, the number of allocations is calculated differently.

1. For Starship NFT holder

For example, in Launchpad A, participants holding Starship NFT will be entitled to buy the number of allocations corresponding to the number of qualified NFTs they hold. The more NFTs, the more allocations you will get. Every NFT in your wallet will equal a slot in a launchpad. Our system allows you to customize the number of allocations that you decide to participate in.

If you have 3 Starship NFTs in the wallet, you can get a maximum of 3 allocations if you haven't used any NFTs to register for the launchpad.

2. For Public and WL rounds

The allocation for Public and WL rounds will be determined by each project. WL and allocation are normally determined by Starship through various events, by the project owner, or by other partners and will be published prior to each launchpad.

We will update more information about other launchpad rounds later.

Stay tuned!

How to check the number of eligible NFTs in my wallet that can be used to register for a launchpad?

When you connect the wallet to Starship and choose the specific launchpad to register, it will display the qualified NFT(s) for you to select. That means the registered one(s) will not show up for selection in the registration period.

For example: There are totally 11 Starship NFT(s) in your wallet. If 1 NFT has been used to register for a launchpad A, after that, the number of Qualified NFT(s) will be 10.

Can I change the wallet address for receiving tokens after the registration period?

No. You canโ€™t change the wallet address for receiving tokens after you register for launchpad.

After you registered successfully, we will snapshot the wallet address that is linked to your registered OneID at that moment and will distribute the purchased tokens to that wallet.

You will see the wallet address for distribution right on the screen in about 10 minutes after a successful registration.

So make sure that you have access to the wallet which was linked to your OneID at the registration time.


  • It is highly recommended to link your OneID with the multichain wallet, including the Viction New Standard wallet. The signal to recognize the new standard is that all the EVM wallet addresses (like Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon...) are the same as the Viction wallet address.

Can I hold multiple Starship NFTs in one wallet?

Of course.

If you hold multiple Starship NFTs in one wallet, you will get more allocations in a Starship round of the launchpad. The more NFTs, the more allocations you will get. And you can decide the number of Starship NFTs to use for registration on a particular project launchpad.

Unused Starship NFTs in the wallet can be staked to earn rewards. Wait for further updates from the team.

Can one user participate in multiple rounds within one launchpad?


Each KYC-ed OneID can join multiple rounds within a launchpad, as long as they are qualified or whitelisted.

For example:

  1. Mary has 5 Starship NFTs in one wallet and she connected that wallet to the Starship website.

  2. She has a KYC-ed OneID and her OneID is also whitelisted for an event of the launchpad

=> Mary can purchase on 3 rounds (Starship + Public + WL)

So, one user can participate in multiple rounds if they are eligible for each round.

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