How to determine if an NFT has been used to register for a launchpad?

Step 1: Visit Starship website at

Step 2: Click on Stats on the to top menu bar or visit directly this link:

Step 3: Search by NFT ID, for example 4180

Step 4: Click on the NFT and check the information including:

  1. Current owner

  2. Blockchain

  3. Project Registered

  4. Launchpad Joined

  5. Register time


  1. Each NFT is valid for registration only on a particular Launchpad.

  2. Before purchasing an NFT on the market to participate in a Launchpad, it's crucial to check whether it has already been registered for that Launchpad.

For example: If the NFT has been previously registered for Launchpad X by another owner, it's important to avoid purchasing it, as doing so would make it ineligible for registration on Launchpad X.

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