How to join the Sale on Launchpad

There are 2 types of launchpad: requires and doesn't require user to register before they can buy token.


  • User can only buy tokens during the On Sale time.

  • Make sure to prepare C98 token first, here is How to get C98 tokens.

  • If you have C98 Bep20/Erc20/SPL tokens in the wallet, use SpaceGate to convert them to C98 VRC25.

Step 1: Visit Starship website at and choose the Launchpad you want to join during its On Sale period.

Step 2: On the Launchpad detail page, click Buy Now button.

Step 3: Enter the amount of tokens which you want to buy and click Buy button.

Step 4: On the confirmation pop-up, click Approve to approve tokens and click Confirm to complete the purchase.

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